Ramy Season Two Trailer: Hot Priests Are Out, Mahershala Ali’s Hot Sheikh Is In

The return of one of Hulu’s best original series is nearly here: The streaming service has unveiled the trailer for “Ramy” Season 2, which will premiere May 29.

“Ramy” might have been one of 2019’s breakout original series, but the new trailer promises that the titular protagonist, played by creator, writer, and producer Ramy Youssef, is still working his life out. As with Season 1, the trailer for the sophomore season, which is produced by A24, promises plenty of irreverent comedy to go along with the nuanced depictions of millennial Muslim Americans — be it comparing the pronunciation of “Muslim” to “pussy,” or series newcomer Mahershala Ali asking if the titular protagonist showered after masturbating before coming to see him.

Ali’s presence is prominent throughout the trailer. The “Moonlight” and “True Detective” star appears in “Ramy” Season 2 as Ramy’s spiritual mentor — also known as a “Sheikh whose really hot.” Ali provides plenty of guidance to Ramy, both sincere and comical, throughout the trailer, which promises that “Ramy” Season 2 will be just as heartfelt on the second go-around. Ali’s “Ramy” work will mark the latest in a string of high-profile appearances for the actor, who has become one of the industry’s most sought-after stars and will eventually return to major Hollywood blockbusters when he stars in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Blade.”

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