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Ready to read five of the best Arabic novels out there?

About a month ago, a post went up on The Bookish Word’s Instagram asking people everywhere to recommend their most favorite Arabic novels to read.

Challenge accepted!

Reading is for sure one of this world’s blessings and it appears that a lot of people do enjoy its beauty because the post go bombarded with many recommendations. Arabic is being one of the hardest languages in the world but the most beautiful and expressive; reading novels created in it is sure to be an amazing experience.

Today we bring you the five books that were recommended the most:


ثلاثية غرناطة – رضوي عشور

A trilogy of stories – ghernata, mariama, elrahil. The events take place during 1491, in the kingdom of Granada after the fall of Islamic rule in Andalusia. A historical novel that is strongly recommended and highly loved among many readers.

في قلبي انثي عبرية – خولة حمدي

The story takes place in south Tunisia, about a young Muslim girl – an orphan – raised in the loving arms of a Jewish family. A strong, daring novel that put a line underneath whether the differences in religion is the mark to be a different human altogether and towards one another. A story that is supposed to promote acceptance and humanity.

ساق البامبو – سعود السنعوسي

A winner of multiple prizes, this book is on many favorite reads list, highly praised and loved. The Bamboo Stalk is a novel about a half-blood, a Kuwaiti father and a mother from Philippine. The author wrote the novel to portrait a reality that many live, a reality that is truth in every single day; the author presented it differently, with beautiful words and a strong, very rich plot.

أولاد حارتنا – نجيب محفوظ

You definitely do not need me to tell you about the literary legend Naguib Mahfouz, his work has taken the whole world by surprise and awe. Though his works are all loved and appreciated, Awlad Haretna sparkles the most between shelves and it’s the most of his works that is always recommended to start with if you venture in the Naguib Mahfouz novels.

زمن الخيول البيضاء – ابزاهيم نصر الله

In the memory of the 60th anniversary for the Palestinian occupancy. A historical novel that tells truth about the Palestinian history. A novel praised for its beautiful method of writing with the deep words and the heartbreak.

Now tell us what are your favorite novels? What do you guys recommend for us at CairoNightlife?

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