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Sabaya: A divine piece of Lebanon here in Cairo

High-quality Lebanese cuisine served at the Semiramis Intercontinental daily from 1 pm to 1 am, the restaurant/lounge guarantees an excellent dining experience.

As the restaurant has an extensive menu all thanks to the brilliant Chef Walid Baz, who grew up in the mountains in the small town of Baadaran where families picnic by the river, barbeque on stones and mince their hummus by hand.

Baz learned the art of cooking from his mother, who would let wash onions and rinse vegetables, he watched her make flavorful tajines, or wrapped chicken in marinade and tucked it under the charcoal for grilling. He also saw his grandmother knead the dough at the farm to make fresh Lebanese bread in an old oven.

Baz makes the dishes on Sabaya’s menu exactly as they’re served in his village growing up, and though Baz’s menu also contains innovative dishes, it’s largely dedicated to traditional cuisine and focused on preserving the old ways of the Lebanese countryside.

Baz lovingly describes his process creating extravagant meals “I make real Lebanese food that we’ve been making for hundreds of years, and that I know from my mother and grandmother, I serve the traditional Lebanese food that everybody likes.”

Behind the scenes, there are 12 cooks working in the kitchen that has been trained in the traditional flavors of Lebanese cuisine, Baz says, and they’re able to create authentic dishes even when the chef is away.

Sabaya is located in a strategic location on the second floor of Cairo Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel; guests are welcomed with soft lighting and elegant interior decor.
A respectful and fast service provided by the professional waiters ensures an overall exceptional dining experience that takes you straight to the heart of Lebanon.

Sabaya is located inside Semiramis Intercontinental Cairo Hotel, Corniche El Nil, for calls and reservations 0227988000, 0227988188.

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