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Who said planning your year could not be fun?

With the sparks of a new year still going on full swing, a glimpse of hope is still on the horizon. We start remembering what we dreamed of, what we achieved and what we still yet need to. Every New Year, it’s a whole new beginning knocking on our doors, new dreams, new goals and new resolutions.

Sometimes, it gets challenging to keep track of what we want to do. Other times it gets hopeless because we are swept in life’s daily routine. Routine can dim a dream, wrap hope in the shadows back in the far corners of our minds; but 2018 is going to be a completely different story because Mofkerahttp://www.mofkera.com/  – tipped the scale with their 2018 agendas.

Before 2018 hit us, Mofkera released their new designs for a New Year planner. People lost their minds over it and the entire social media was buzzing with photos, talk and what Mofkera outstandingly managed to do is that because of their new planners; people were buzzing with positive energy – a miracle I might even call it.

Five different designs – pick what suits your taste and personality – with a 100 different possibilities and dreams inside.

Whether you will choose the Floral Princess or you’ll go all rainbows and get the Unicorn, or maybe the Mandala, or the chic Flamingo or you’ll go with a Dream Catcher, these agendas will add a new taste to your 2018. Each has a weekly planner inside with everything you will possibly need to track your life colorfully well. Here is what you’ll find:

  • A shopping list to write down all what you need to buy and to pull the breaks on your out-of-control shopping habits.
  • A saving jar, to set goals towards spending less every month and maybe put aside a 10% or your income? Euh, well that’s an idea.
  • A habit tracker to embark on new inspiring routines and putting a stop to ones we are done doing.
  • A mood tracker because every day comes with a new mood – remember to always stay positive and cheerful.
  • A page for your birthday wishes; get your people to write you down memories.
  • A year’s goal page, it’s getting serious you guys.
  • Coloring pages to sooth you and help you relax.
  • Pages to track the books you want to read and the movies you have on your radar this year.
  • Monthly reviews; wrap up your month in a few words, ones you’d love to look back to.
  • The wheel of life; be in total control!
  • Get healthy and fit with the My Fitness page; it’s about time already!
  • A bucket list; put things there that you are determined to achieve.

In addition to much much more fun stuff to add to every single page of your year – it is your year. These agendas are a must have hurry up and grab one for yourself and for your best. They’ll make the year more special and by the 31st December 2018 you’ll have an agenda of memories; one that you’d look at and smile.

The Agendas are still available at Diwan Bookstores, Alef Bookstores and Virgin Megastores

Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/mofkera_notebooks/

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