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The sea breeze is now closer than you think with Ocea’s seafood

We can all argue on whether Italian food is the best, or French cuisine or American fast-food or even Arabic dishes. But I bet that without a doubt we can all agree that seafood is the best, most loved cuisine of all-times.

Right between the rustic buildings in Korba Heliopolis, a fresh breeze hits your senses, bold colors sparkle in your eyes and a quite different design from what surrounds it; you find yourself like if you’ve taken a dip in the sea and all the colors beneath that surface dazzled you; that’s the minute you open the doors of the signature seafood restaurant, Ocea.

Ocea’s seafood
Ocea’s seafood

Choosing between a mixtures of indoors and outdoors settings on three levels – ground floor, mezzanine and a rooftop – you’re bound to have a distinctive experience. Offering traditional seafood dishes with a twist on top, Ocea inspires Alexandria’s East Seafood experience.

A seafood craze!

A variety of dishes to choose from that you’d want to return every week to try on something different and you’ll love it more than the one before and the cycle will be never ending. A seafood love story, struck with exceptionally delicious plates.

A menu ranging from Egyptian platters to highly loved Mediterranean and international seafood dishes and appetizers. But not just that, there are salads, soups, crabs, mullet, Sea Bass, Salmon, Denise, Calamari, risotto, Shrimps, paella and pasta … it’s all fresh out of the waters. Fish and sea fruits are skillfully prepared, well-seasoned and presented with local and imported ingredients to bring the best taste to your seafood loving tummies.

Ocea’s seafood

Ocea are known with their signature dishes; Salted Crust Sea bass and the Crabs with Ouzo. Yummy! With a variety of other delicious options, a fully stocked beverages bar and an ice case freshly stocked with seafood for you to choose from, you’re definitely in for a reasonably priced upped experience.

Ocea’s seafood
Ocea’s seafood

Ocea are open daily from noon to 2:00AM and serving from 1:00PM.

Address: 58 Beirut Street – 1920’s Boutique Hotel – Heliopolis

Phone: 0103 310 0509

Facebook and Instagram: @oceaegypt

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