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‘See’ Jason Momoa Leads an Action-Packed Oddball Epic for Apple TV+

Ever Imagine watching a movie that everyone is blind and who’s the eye of the city? Nah I’m not talking something regular, this is totally different and all new.

You’re probably tired of seeing same story or similar plot in different series. It’s time to experience a new vision of the future. @seeofficial is an American science fiction drama web television series produced for @appletv Written by Steven knight, and directed by Francis Lawrence. “See” had its first episode on the 1st of November and has since then aired 5 episodes.

@seeofficial explores human race through a village called Alkenny, turns out everyone in that race lost the sense of sight and the society is left to interact, build, hunt and survive. Baba Voss’s ( @prideofgypsies ) wife ( @herahilmar ) gives birth to a set of twins, luckily the twins can see. As word spreads across tribes about the birth of the twins, Baba Voss is forced to rely on his instincts on how to take down Queen Kane ( @sylviahoeks ) who’s effort is solely to capture the children.

This Apple TV+ production features @sylviahoeks @herahilmar@archmadekwe @nmarlee @yerbnends@therealcamargo @realalfrewoodard@prideofgypsies @seeofficial is a great series to see.

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