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Shopping tips for summer

As a winter person, the fact that summer is here made me very depressed, I really hate this time of year, its fashion, and wardrobe and the constant exhaustion and fatigue.
But most importantly, when it comes to finding something to wear, I particularly suffer when it comes to shopping for the summer wardrobe.
It’s very hard to find any decent item, so you don’t have to layer when it’s 48 degrees outside.

But after multiple shopping trips and constantly checking Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration let me tell what I came up with.

#1 Flannels are your best friend

Flannel shirts can be found in almost any store you check, they can be worn with jeans and a pair of comfortable sneakers and you’re good to go no need for layering and wearing multiple pieces when it’s intolerable outside. Whether it’s a large print or small print you can find it in almost all colors combinations.
Here’s how you can style them:

#2 Denim shirts

Same goes for denim shirts they became trendy in the past couple of years, You can style them with black or grey jeans or even colorful ones. You can wear them in their traditional blue or dark blue colors or opt for the olive or pink denim shirts.
Here’s how you can style them:

#3 Summer dresses & skirts

If you’re a fan of dresses “Am not” you’ll find this option very comfortable in the summer and comes in varying colors and prints especially Florals.
Here’s how you can style them:

#4 Cardigans & Long cardigans

Your favorite T-shirt or a sleeveless blouse, pair them with comfy pants and a light cardigan and voila you’re ready.
They can vary in length and prints.
Here’s how you can style them:

#5 Oversized Hoodies
My absolute favorite a light sweatshirt or hoodie, they’re very comfortable & fashionable.
When it comes to trends sometimes they’re wacky and over the top, but I stand behind this trend and hope it’s still in for years to come.
Here’s how you can style them:

#6 Jumpsuits

Long sleeved jumpsuits are in, as you don’t need many layers beneath them or sleeveless ones with a cardigan on top of them are one of summer favorite styles to beat the heat.
They’re very trendy and comes in various prints and cuts to fit all body types.
My Current favorite is the denim jumpsuits.
Here’s how you can style them:

Also, wearing quality accessories and jewelry is important in the heat as cheap ones could damage your skin so be careful.
But the most important rule when shopping is wearing what you love, what you feel comfortable in.

Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers, and style is what you choose.
-Lauren Hutton-

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