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Sky Seekers – Pyramids Boogie ||: Your Access to Skydiving Over the Pyramids

140 Professional Skydivers are jumping 15,000 feet out of a plane over the Pyramids of Giza on 19th October 2019

Skydiving is a high-thrill sport for the daredevils out there, which this time will get the chance to experience the Great Pyramids of Giza like never before.

And after the thrilling first experience and unparalleled success of “Pyramids Boogie I” last year, where 60 international professional skydivers landed around The Great Pyramids, this year Phenomena & Sky Seekers are pleased to announce an even greater event with “Pyramids Boogie II.”

“Pyramids Boogie II” is an exclusive skydiving event, gathering 140 professional skydivers from around the globe – 24 countries to be exact. These participants will conduct 700 jumps from an altitude of 15,000 feet. Jumps will span 3 days and will be via 30 plane loads. Moreover, Tandem jumps will also be part of this epic experience.

Egypt has all the attractions to become the new niche for the skydiving sport, from its beautiful weather to its incredible range of terrains.

So all Skydivers will land 30 meters away from Khafra’a Pyramid, one of the wonders of the world and a symbol of one of the most powerful civilizations in history.

The event is luxuriously setup with the top-notch facilities, food & beverages and activation areas. The design & production have been revamped to ensure that every shaded seat would feel like a front-row seat, with a view of the magnificent Pyramids of Giza. Phenomena & Sky Seekers are committed to making “Pyramids Boogie II” an event that goes down in history.

Life is much more interesting when you’re 15,000 feet high, so don’t miss this chance to spread your wings and fly and book your ticket now through Tazkarti.

For more information, on how to book your tandem, or attend the event, please send an email to skydiving@phenomena-eg.com and follow the official Facebook page for all the updates.

We look forward to seeing you at Khafra’a Pyramid on October 19th.



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