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Story of Kay’s: An Intimate Feminine Experience for Every Extraordinary Lady Out There

Lately, we have noticed the revolution of so many talents roaming around the internet and can’t be more proud of our rising Egyptian designers that are killing it among the local and international scene.
We decided to collect our own favorites and most trustworthy names, so tonight we will shed the light on one of the most reputable local designers who had proven herself among the ladies communities in a very short time, the brilliant designer, Khairia Ali, the name behind KAY’S Jewelry

We spent a full day with the master designer and founder of Kay’s JewelryKhairia who shared with our team her story; passion, ambition and plan when it comes to her well-established brand and above all her vision to inspire and empower every lady through KAY’S uniquely well-designed pieces. 

– When did you first recognize your passion for Jewelry and designing in general?
I love jewelry, its shine, how it provides me with elegance, confidence and whenever I add a new piece to my wardrobe I feel the happiest.
I realized that I am not into silver nor accessories after I had established my first brand “Coco’s”, I started to design accessories and my biggest aim was introducing trendy and beautiful pieces with more handy prices for all the ladies out there, after my second pregnancy, I paused my work for a while and when I got back to the business, I realized I want to add a value to women’s wardrobe, giving them more satisfaction with a great deal of money especially after the devaluation and the enormous inflation rate we have been facing for the last couple of years.

-What is the story behind the name “Kay’s Jewelry”?
First of all, I am a mother and wife, my daily life is all about my husband and my two children that coincidentally all of their names start with (K).
I decided to pursue my passion towards beauty and art and expand my family story to include every powerful and strong lady who looks for an eccentric jewelry piece that complements her state of mind and completes her strong outfit and authentic personality.
Each and every piece is designed and crafted precisely to fit only one lady, so all of the pieces of our collections are not repetitive and unique.
You will feel the joyful spirit of the colors of the stones and the diamonds cut any time of your day.

– How did you start Kay’s Jewelry as a new brand?
Kay’s started as an idea 5 years ago, the main 3 pillars I was thinking about back then were how I can construct designs with an unrivaled theme and offer a high-end product in terms of budget and manufacturing.
I kept searching for the best row materials and talents to introduce 100% Egyptian made products that can differentiate itself through finishing and transparency. 

– What is behind Kay’s message?
I want to spread my thoughts of giving every lady who checks my designs what I always need in my jewelry box; high level of confidence, power, positivity, elegance, and uniqueness.
I hope that all the ladies who scroll down my accounts get the piece that will enrich their inner spirit and make them feel how special they truly are.

– Which gemstones do you prefer using the most?
I love working and creating pieces using different types of gemstones, I studied them for a long time to know the benefits of each stone and how I can tell a story through my design and let the wearer connect with her favorite stone and its energy.
I used several stones, for example; 
1 – Ruby Red knows as “The lord of gemstones”, it resembles power, flawlessness and beauty.
2 – Sapphire transmits faith, hope, and joy, in the Middle Ages people believed wearing sapphire suppressed negative thoughts.
3 – Amethyst is a symbol of royalty and victory
4 – Emerald Green resembles luck and was a favorite gem of Cleopatra.

– When do you feel you are rewarded and recognized by your clients?
I feel the credit whenever I stratify all the tastes and the requests I receive, I started to have my own signature with the ladies who wear my pieces and that touches my heart the most.
I will tell you a little secret; the second purchase is what makes me happy and proud of my work, that is why I always look for a value in every design I work on. 
I have received many requests to use shells in my collection as it is very trendy this summer, but I refused to do so because I know it is one season trend and won’t satisfy my customers’ need in the future.

– If you can deliver a message with every piece to your clients, what will it be?
Reward yourself, you deserve it.
Simplicity is a trend that will never fade away.

– What is your next plan?
I am working on an event to display all my summer collection at and afterward, there will be lots of surprises for the upcoming winter collection as well.

Inspired by the sea, sand, and shores of blues, Kay’s summer collection is out and we can tell you that their set is totally a hit, don’t forget to follow Kay’s Jewelry account on Instagram, you don’t want to miss it out, ladies!


Latest summer campaign for Kay’s Jewelry

Produced by: @didio.agency

DOP: @raniaateeq

Art Director: @mostafashtewy

Video: @andrew.g_pictures  

Photography: @thehassanhamdi

Model: @ engy_omar_

Location : @hiltonzamalek

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