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Sushiramis: A hidden sushi gem in the heart of the city

Sushi is an acquired taste, a Japanese delicacy that’s growing more and more popular in Egypt.
Sushiramis, a hidden gem in the InterContinental Semiramis is one of those places that ooze with quality and excellence.

When it comes to Sushi, the most important part is the fresh ingredients that guarantee an excellent dining experience.

At Sushiramis Chef Raul Castro knows that part of being a great sushi chef is knowing exactly how to gauge the freshness of each type of fish, where the freshness of the fish sets apart the brilliant sushi bar from the mediocre.

Castro uses a local sea bass that works well for sashimi, while other fish are imported from Scotland, Thailand or Vietnam. Castro jokes lively with the diners and chats in his outgoing way while preparing everything fresh.
Chef Castro‘s methods rely on the techniques he learned from Japanese chefs, while his inspiration comes from his mother’s insistence on quality.
Years of training with strict Japanese chefs, who taught Castro the recipes and more importantly the exacting techniques of preparation. He’s passed on those skills to his staff, which were trained by Castro at the Night & Day buffet’s sushi station before Sushiramis opened.

Since then, Castro has branched out and created his own recipes like the best-selling salmon tempura roll, with smoked salmon and avocado topped with spicy shrimp tempura. 

All made with only the freshest ingredients, joined with meticulous preparation methods to create a range of mouth-watering sushi platters, served by the friendly and attentive staff that goes out of their way to ensure an excellent dining experience all accompanied by the cozy atmosphere.


SUSHIRAMIS…A MUST FOR SUSHI LOVERS Currently you can indulge in all-you-can-eat Sushi Maki for only EGP 380++ or the new succulent Sushi Bento for only EGP 330 all-inclusive.


Sushiramis is open daily for lunch and dinner from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. To reserve your table call 27988188. 



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