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The epidemic of Ramez Galal

Ramez Galal completely gave up on his acting career and started focusing on his prank show years ago.

The show itself started with him pranking some of his acting buddies with his elaborate sets and fake make-up, you could tell right away that the show feels like a sham and not real in the slightest, the acting is bad, loud screaming and cursing aren’t convincing enough for any of the audience to believe.

But somehow every year the show gets renewed, the budget gets bigger and bigger, as someone who’s not a fan of the show this really perplexes me, some of those actors get pranked every year and somehow they never figure it out, the paycheck must be huge.

The main issue with this show is that it has a huge following, millions of people tune in from different Arab countries to watch Ramez torture his guests with utter amusement, just think of the negative messages he’s sending out to impressionable kids and teens also people with minimal levels of education who’s mimicking the toxic behavior that deems acceptable by everyone.

But this year he took things a step too far, besides pranking and making his guests fear for their lives, he also promotes sexual harassment.

His introduction of Yasmin Sabry is filled with him describing her body and drooling all over her in the creepiest way.

Don’t believe it just watch the video below:


He also bragged about how he was able to touch her lips with a creepy smile on his face.


Twitter users were outraged criticizing the sick behavior and the messages it sends.

People also criticized Yasmine’s reaction and how she allowed this episode to air, given that she was chosen in 2016 as a goodwill ambassador for women’s organization.

Some came to their defense saying that clearly, she didn’t seem to mind any of what was going on, her body language and facial expressions didn’t show any signs of anger or annoyance, so that doesn’t fall into the category of sexual or verbal harassment.

The whole thing was disturbing and uneasy to watch, but it opened the discussion about sexual harassment and shed more light on it, hoping this would create a positive outcome educating more people on the acceptable behavior towards women and what could be considered harassment.

Tell us what you think in the comments section, what was your thoughts on the episode??





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