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The Top Malls in Cairo

There’s no denying our love for malls. If we didn’t know any better, we’d say its the number one hangout spot for Egyptians. Did you know that there’s at least one mall in every district of Cairo? We carried out a survey to identify the best malls in Cairo based on the number and variety of shops, the dining experience, maintenance and cleanliness, security, and location. Without further ado, here are the top malls in Cairo.

Cairo Festival City Mall

Cairo Festival City or CFC for short lies in the Fifth Settlement of New Cairo in the east of Cairo. CFC performed particularly well in the maintenance and cleanliness criteria. The mall is spotless – even when it is packed on the weekends. It is a big mall with a huge range of shops including Debenhams, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Victoria’s Secret, and Zara. The mall hosts a massive Carrefour branch that should accommodate all of your groceries shopping. The food scene is buzzing with a huge food court, and plenty of restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating. Security is taken seriously. The trained staff follow strict protocol in emergency situations. CFC’s unique feature is being home to the first IKEA store in Egypt.
Where: 5th Settlement, New Cairo
Contact: +20226186000, Website, Facebook, Instagram

Mall of Arabia

Mall of Arabia is a huge mall in 6th of October City situated along the 26th of July Corridor (El Mehwar). Its location makes it a little more difficult for people visiting from the east Cairo but if you want to shop til you drop, this is the place to be. Mall of Arabia is Egypt’s biggest mall and boasts a ridiculous number of shops. The mall caters to everyone’s needs and features some of the world’s biggest brands including Zara, Virgin, Timberland, GAP, Centrepoint, Mango, and much more. There’s a Spinney’s hypermarket, a cinema multiplex, and a huge number of cafes and restaurants. In fact, the food scene is awesome thanks to the overwhelmingly massive food court, and a selection of crowd-pleasers such as Qahwa, Chili’s, and Paul. The mall has maintained an excellent level of cleanliness and performed superbly in the security criteria with highly trained staff ready to act in case of emergencies.
Where: 6th of October City, Juhayna Square
Contact: 19226, Website, Facebook, Instagram


When Citystars first opened, Egyptians were blown away by the overall quality of the mall, and the variety of shops and restaurants on offer. Managing to maintain this quality and diversity of shops for all these years is why Citystars is on this list. Unfortunately, this is one of the more confusing malls in Cairo to navigate but it’s still a great place for families, couples and friends to eat out or go shopping. There’s a lot of brands, including Victoria’s Secret, Hugo Boss, Swarovski, Cartier, H&M, Marks & Spencer, and Mango. Overall, cleanliness is good but the bathrooms were not up to par during the weekend evenings when the mall is at its busiest. However, one area we cannot fault is security. The staff are well trained and know exactly what to do in case of emergencies.
Where: Nasr City
Contact: 16478, Website, Facebook, Instagram




Galleria40 is not the biggest or busiest of the malls in Cairo but definitely the most charming. Technically speaking, this is not a mall as much as it is a mixed use development due to the presence of offices on the upper floors. Remove the offices from the equation and we would classify this as a mall. There is an air of luxury about Galleria40 but it’s not trying to push that agenda as much as The First Mall. The great thing about Galleria40 is the perfect balance of shops, cafes and restaurants. Galleria40’s design is absolutely stunning. The contrast between the glass windows turns the building into a grand piano that magically reflects the sunlight. This is by no means a big mall but it is cozy, safe, and remarkably maintained. Galleria40 is spotless! There is a small selection of eateries but the highlight is Dara’s Ice Cream which attracts swarms of people from all over the capital. Galleria40 is not a shopper’s paradise, it does not offer many dining choices, and it does not have much for kids to do. But if you are in Sheikh Zayed City and want to sip on a Starbucks coffee while being surrounded with the classiest crowd in Cairo, Galleria40 is the place to be.
Where: Sheikh Zayed City
Contact: +20238275100, Facebook, Instagram


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