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12 Friends Moments Those Living in Cairo Can Relate To

8 Friends moments those living in Cairo can relate to

1.    You go to renew your car license/register for subjects at the university/any sort of task you dread doing because you know “Madam Ekhlas” will make you rue the day you were born, but she unexpectedly smiles in your face and does her job well for once.


If you’re cooking on the stove, does that mean that your new boyfriend is better than Richard? *Does the victory dance*

2.    You’ve been struggling for weeks to get “Mafeesh sa7eb yetsa7eb” out of your head and the moment you succeed, the cab driver puts it on. Life can be cruel that way …


Worst song ever! Worst song ever!!

3.     Your cat steps on the remote, and to your lousy luck you get one of these game channels where the overly talented announcer gives you a hint that the riddle is about an amazing late Egyptian actor whose first name is Ahmed and Last name is Zaki. Who’s going to be the smart lucky winner of a Million Kazillion Egyptian pounds?!


– Three letters; Not cat but …

– Dog

– You’re so smart!

4.    Summers are fun right? Sea breeze … salty air … the wind in your hair … except you don’t, I repeat DON’T want the wind in your hair during the summer. Humidity … what are you doing? Humidity … STAHP!


5.     You’re bored out of mind; you need change, so you go Rasta your whole hair or dye your hair tips pink (A’int nothing wrong with that!), but be prepared for criticism from your family, relatives, and 3am 3abdou the bawab! Don’t listen to them … you do you!


You’re just jealous your hair can’t do this!

6.     Miraculously, you found that person who gives you butterflies and is good for you in so many ways, and things are going great (fictitious I know, just humour me). Don’t you think for a second that this relationship concerns only you two … ew3a! This is public affairs now.


7.     You just came back from work drained, that all you want to do is lie down and stare at the ceiling; only to have your mother tell you you’re needed in the kitchen ASAP because you have visitors coming over …


8.    It’s the end of the month and you’re broke (don’t be ashamed … happens to the best of us), so you try and make the best out of it and hang out with the gang ‘low-budget’ by the koshk …

12 Friends Moments Those Living in Cairo Can Relate To

9.    You’re a hard worker (alright let’s just say you are), so you work your derriere off all year long to have your soul-eating boss tell you you’re working during Eid, the only good thing that happens to you all year!


10.     You go to get you’re ID picture taken. You know it’ll suck, and despite all your efforts, it will come out looking something like that …


11.     Every single Eid, summer, or weekend at grandma’s, “they” conspire against you with 7amam from heaven, or stuffed vine leaves cooked-to-perfection, not to mention the good ol’ fatta. The turkey sweatpants become your bestfriend.


Joey represents me!

12.    “El wats” … “El Face”. Who hasn’t had nightmates because of those two words?!

  • You: Tant Samah … it’s not ‘Wats’, it’s “Whatsapp”.

(15 minutes later)

  • Tant Samah: Checkout the birthday cake I sent you on ‘El Wats’!

poo poo

Me poo poo!
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