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VASKO: An authentic concept that brings us the extensive exploration of coffee origins!

Coffee is one of the rare products that we compromise its quality and so does VASKO. The story has begun during the early 18th century where there was a passionate young man who started his journey around the globe to reach the real and authentic taste of Coffee.

VASKO didn’t only study the agricultural and climatic effects on coffee beans, roasting techniques and brewing methods, but his ambition extended to study the psychology and preferences of Coffee lovers across different cultures and inventing his own blends and recipes.

The very first branch was opened in 1920 with his belief that Coffee is more than just beverage to drink, Coffee is a statement.

VASKO managed to maintain and implement his success all around Europe and now it is time for Egypt to have a new concept of caffeinated origins.

On 22nd of March, the waiting was finally over and VASKO has taken Cloud 9 mall, Fifth Settlement by storm where all Coffee lovers gathered up for new experience of delicious delights and original coffee recipes.

As we all strive for a high end quality products that satisfy our caffeine cravings, we finally got the answer to our prayers at the newly branch of VASKO yesterday.

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