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Want Steak for Dinner? Here are 10 Food Bloggers’ Favorite Steaks in Cairo!

Want Steak for Dinner? Here are 10 Food Bloggers’ Favorite Steaks in Cairo!

In Cairo, you can go out to eat steak dishes every day for a month and never encounter the same taste nor preparation twice. Opinions usually vary on the proper method of preparing steak dishes. With these restaurants, whether it’s well done, medium rare, medium or just rare, it’s guaranteed to be a rich, mouthful experience, so we’ll eat to that! See where and how these 10 food bloggers order their steak!

  1. Omar’s Food – Charwoods’ Beef Fillet Mignon


“This place remains one of my favorite steakhouses for their premium cuts, actual comprehension of cooking steaks & just consistency in everything. When you go (and you should) get the baked potato with butter & herbs on the side, and just let it all heavenly melt together, nothing better.” – @Omarsfood

2. The Hungry Giraffe Eats – Kazoku’s Tenderloin


“No one can argue that Kazoku brought something new to the fine dining scene, with a fresh take on contemporary Japanese dining, and it shows with their expertly developed menu and relaxing high end ambiance. Their selection of prime cut steaks are spot on! And you can’t go wrong with their juicy Tenderloin steak.” – @Thehungrygiraffeeats

3. Midoeats – Sizzler Steakhouse 


“I often get asked about where to have a good steak in Cairo. Look no further… @sizzlersteakhouse is absolutely and totally STEAK! The temperature of my ribeye was just spot on and the sides were just so delicious. There are three kinds of sauces/butters to lather your beef with and the portions are ginormous!” – @Midoeats

4. Taste and Tells – Sachi’s Chateaubriand


“Here comes a very high quality of beef served @sachirestaurant. I prefer the Chateaubriand steak cooked medium-well. You will not be able to resist the caramelized brown color from the outside and the pinkish color from the inside, served with roasted potatoes, and baby caramelized carrot and buttered corn flavored with fresh rosemary. The sauce is served upon your choice.” – @taste_and_tell__

5. Cairo Munch – The Edward’s Tenderloin


“Tenderloin steak from The Edward’s is one of the few places that can perfect serving meat in medium-well!” – @cairomunch

6. Foodista Egypt’s – One Oak’s Quattro Steak Skewer


“Our favorite steak house has got to be “One Oak” because they’ve got all cuts to satisfy steak lovers from Angus Veal Steak to Striploin & Tenderloin to Lamb Chops. Those guys just know how to treat meat perfectly to give you the juiciest and most tender piece of meat. They also cook the meat the way you actually order it, so if you order medium-well, that’s what you’re going to get which is pretty rare around Cairo. Not to mention the endless array of House Special Sauces that include some pretty impressive options like Café de Paris, Bearmaise, Blueberry, Mint Jelly, Betroot and our personal favorite, the Onion Jam.” – @Foodistaegypt

7. Cairo Spots – Kazlak’s Chateaubriand


“A generous, succulent piece of Chateaubriand at @Kazlakegypt, perfectly medium cooked especially for our tastebuds!” – @cairospots

8. Theoriginalfoodcritic – Gaby’s Restaurant


“This medium well steak from @gabys.restaurant was heavenly! It was cooked to perfection and the mushroom sauce definitely adds value to the dish!” – @theoriginalfoodcritic

9. The Food Review – Mo Bistro’s Flank Steak


“Simply it’s the first time to see a restaurant that cooks a flank steak in Cairo. Cooked for eight hours to perfection giving us this beautiful rare pink piece of steak that surprises you with how juicy and tender it is.” – @thefoodreview_

10. Foodicious World Eg – Crave’s Beef Teriyaki


“Since I am a Teriyaki addict, I have to say nothing beats Crave’s medium-well Teriyaki Steak. Full of flavors and juices, you’ll just feel sad once you’ve finished your piece and if your appetite is craving for more, you’d definitely give it another round! It’s just nothing but comfort food in your plate and at the end of the day, there is no place like home and Crave is definitely home!” – @foodiciousworld.eg

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